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Our Farm

In 1967, the family of Parsi Dairy Farm purchased their farm land in the village of Varwada, in between Talasari and Vapi on the Maharashtra - Gujarat border, in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, India. The property was purchased with the vision of complementing and enhancing the Firm’s established dairy business in Mumbai in order to increase the production, processing and supply of milk and milk-based products to meet the increasing demand for the same in Mumbai.

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A state-of-the-art facility was then set up on the farm land for the dairy cattle which included stables (sheds), maternity areas and a separate bath to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the animals. Dairy cattle were bred to produce fresh milk sent to Mumbai for the process of pasteurizing, standardizing, packaging, before the milk would be delivered to the final customer. This in turn helped increase the prominence of the brand ‘Parsi Dairy Farm’ in the Indian dairy industry.


In order to increase the popularity of its farm, Parsi Dairy Farm has also been operating a vegetarian restaurant by the name of Dairyland Parlour at this premise, serving delicious food and it's famous sweets to the daily travellers along the Mumbai-Gujarat National Highway. The red gazebo themed restaurant with a scenic view and cosy garden seating is well-known for its Maharaja Lassi, batata vadas, variety of Kulfis and Thalis. Apart from this, the regular a la carte menu is very diverse and you can order snacks, sandwiches, Bombay Chaat, South Indian food, pakodas, bhajiyas, Punjabi & Parsi meals. The restaurant also has a playground for children with a small area for animals and birds.


It all does not end here, this property stretches along the Mumbai-Gujarat National Highway covering a distance of about 700 meters and if you are the type to be one with nature, the farm has fascinating natural sites like the vibrant growth of different types of trees like eucalyptus, mango, cashew and coconut. A jaw-dropping man-made lake spanning about 32,000 square meters in the midst of the lush green landscape adds to the beauty of this property of about 300 acres.

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