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Our Story

Parsi Dairy Farm, A Century of Quality and Trust


A hundred years ago a single can of milk meandered its way through the by-lanes of Mumbai and then, there was no looking back. Parsi Dairy Farm, a family business was established in the year 1916. It was started by a young Parsi entrepreneur, the Late Nariman Ardeshir.


Since the inception of Parsi Dairy Farm, the Late Nariman Ardeshir saw to it that the best quality milk would be served to customers, either off the shelf ("Galla") or home delivered across the city of Bombay. He also believed that since the quality of the product was the best then, the quality of the customer service should match. Hence, he employed a workforce to ensure that the freshness and authenticity of the product would not be tampered with. The Blue Brigade that even to this day traverses the streets of Mumbai at 4 a.m., is the testament to the workforce and customer service provided by Parsi Dairy Farm since its inception.


Late Nariman Ardeshir had five children (Late Dinshaw Nariman, Late Merwan Nariman, Late Naval Nariman Hoyvoy, Late Rusi Nariman and Jeroo Nariman) and with the passing years, as the family tree grew so did the workload continue to increase. As the business continued to flourish, the five children were given separate duties and responsibilities of managing the head office, multiple stables (in Andheri and Jogeshwari) and outlets in Lalbaug, Dadar and Jogeshwari. In the year 1967, the family purchased farmland near Talasari, in the village of Varwada, along the Mumbai - Gujarat highway.


What started as a simple milk business, was prospering by staying true to its tag line "Rich! Pure! Wholesome!". Diversification and exploring new product avenues became the goal of the next generation of Parsi Dairy Farm. During this time, Parsi Dairy Farm was one of the first businesses in India to introduce yoghurt. There was also further growth in the product portfolio of the Indian Sweets (Mithai) business.


As the fourth generation of Parsi Dairy Farm stepped into the family business, times changed and so did trends and techniques in manufacturing, product packaging and marketing. Efficiency of systems and accountability in the business practice became a top priority while keeping in mind the values embedded by their forefathers of providing the best quality at the best price. Their goal was to keep Parsi Dairy Farm astride with the changing times.

The idea was both simple and challenging - to do what Parsi Dairy Farm had always envisioned, to think outside of the milk can and create newer milk-based products keeping in mind the evolving tastes of the consumer. While, the signature Parsi Dairy Farm Malai Kulfi, its soft and airy Suterfeni, the bright orange Dudh Badam Halwa, the melt-in-your-mouth milk drops and Full-Fat Milk can still be purchased, the shelves are also stocked with health-oriented products like low-fat and zero-fat milk, paneer, curd, flavoured yoghurts, and multiple mithais with No Added Sugar, among others.


Today, Parsi Dairy Farm’s flagship store's registered address is 261/63 Shamaldas Gandhi Marg, Mumbai 400002. This makes Parsi Dairy Farm the premium, stand-alone store operating at Princess Street while simultaneously supplying the entire city of Mumbai with high-quality, undiluted, non-adulterated milk and other milk products.


The focus of this business was and has always been providing the best quality product and service to its customer base both old and new. With streamlined distribution offering dairy products at the Princess Street registered address, the vast range of offerings such as the malai kulfi, ghee and paneer are also available in supermarket chains and modern trade outlets, making Parsi Dairy Farm a truly accessible brand of the 21st century.


Parsi Dairy Farm's motto is quite simple, 'Truth is Light' and its mission statement is similar - to be an integral part of the heartbeat of a city like Mumbai and to bring sweetness into the lives and happiness in the hearts of its customers.

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