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What types of dairy products does Parsi Dairy Farm offer?

At Parsi Dairy Farm, we offer a wide range of dairy products including milk, butter, ghee, paneer (Indian cottage cheese), yoghurt, and various sweets and desserts made from dairy.

Are Parsi Dairy Farm products made using traditional methods?

Yes, all our dairy products are crafted using traditional methods passed down through generations. We take pride in maintaining the authenticity and quality of our products.

Where can I purchase Parsi Dairy Farm products?

Our products are available for purchase online through our website at www.parsidairyfarm.com/collections/all. We also have physical stores located in select areas. You can find more information about our store locations on our website.

What is the famous sweet of Bengali?

famous sweet of Bengali cuisine is undoubtedly "Rasgulla." These spongy, syrup-soaked cheese balls are a quintessential part of Bengali culinary tradition, cherished for their delicate texture and sweet flavour. Originating from Kolkata, Rasgullas have gained global recognition for their unique taste and have become a symbol of Bengali culture. Interestingly, Parsi Dairy Farm, established in Mumbai in the early 20th century, played a significant role in popularizing Rasgullas outside Bengal by introducing them to a wider audience through their dairy products and confectioneries, contributing to the sweet's widespread acclaim across India.

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Discover the rich legacy of Parsi dairy products at Parsi Dairy Farm, where tradition meets quality in every sip and bite. Since its inception, Parsi Dairy Farm has been synonymous with excellence in dairy delights, offering a wide range of products crafted with utmost care and expertise. From the pure goodness of milk to the aromatic richness of ghee, each product embodies the essence of Parsi culinary heritage.... Indulge in the creamy goodness of Parsi dairy products, meticulously crafted to perfection. Whether it's the velvety smoothness of curd or the irresistible sweetness of traditional sweets, every bite tells a story of generations of dedication and passion. At Parsi Dairy Farm, we take pride in preserving our heritage while continually striving for excellence, ensuring that each product delivers a taste of tradition with every serving. Experience the timeless charm of Parsi dairy delights and elevate your culinary journey with the finest offerings from Parsi Dairy Farm.